Store of the month: Granite Transformations

Transform your kitchen with a 'top that fits on top' for a 'middle-way' solution

With its wide range of granite, natural quartzite and recycled glass options, Granite Transformations’ agglomerate surfaces are ideal for home-owners looking to update their existing kitchen worktop without the upheaval and mess of starting from scratch. 

Since 2004, the company has had a franchise in Trumpington, Cambridge, but it was originally started by an Australian entrepreneur in 1996. The genius ‘top that fits on top’ concept captured the imagination of homeowners and the franchise model was soon rolled out across Australia, then to the US, and came to the UK in 2002. 

Peter Morrison, owner of Granite Transformations in Cambridge, reveals more: “The majority of options, when it comes to updating a kitchen worktop, will involve complete removal of the surface – this can damage tiles and cabinetry. The simplicity of overlaying the surface with our product means the work can be done quickly (mostly in one day) without any mess. We also offer a lifetime ‘materials warranty’, as well as a complete solution service, including installing new sinks at the same time as having new worktops.

“Over the past eight years, our door replacement service has also grown, to complete the transformation solution. It offers customers a ‘middle-way’ option instead of having to invest in a complete new kitchen,” he says.

“There’s a growing trend towards light-marbled finishes”

With kitchen styles changing dramatically since launching the company in 2004, one main difference Peter has noticed of late is the trend towards lighter-hued materials. “Over the past couple of years, there has been a complete switch from the majority of customers choosing black surfaces – a top-seller since we started – to opting for pale whites and greys,” he comments. 

“There’s also a growing trend toward light-marbled finishes, and our Portland concrete-finish products are also proving increasingly popular. When it comes to cabinet doors, cream is out and grey is in. The traditional Shaker style remains a classic choice, but the sleek look of handle-less designs, in a high gloss finish, is the style of choice for lovers of contemporary design.

“Whether you opt for Italian granite or eco-friendly recycled glass, all our agglomerate surfaces are bonded together with a small percentage of polyester resin,” Peter reveals. “It’s one of the hardest and most durable of modern polymers and creates a tough and durable material. Diamond polished, they have a layered depth and complexity – with each surface as individual as a snowflake.”

The company also offers a range of glass mosaics, created exclusively by the brand’s sister company, Italian tile-maker Trend. Hand-crafted, using traditional artisan techniques, they come in a myriad of colours. As well as a wide choice of worktops and cabinet doors, the company also offers a complete installation service, using highly experienced workshop and installations staff.

 “There’s a lot of talk about the local high street having a tough time at the moment,” continues Peter. “The challenge for modern businesses is to strike the balance between providing information online, but also tempting people to come and see your product ‘in the flesh’. I believe if you have something unique, people will always want to come and see it.” 

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