This House

Running at the Arts Theatre 13-17 March, This House turns the clock to 1974, offering an absorbing insight into a period of time when the British government found itself in disarray.

A hung parliament, a country deeply divided, and the halls of Westminster ringing with the sound of backbiting and in-fighting, James Graham’s fascinating political drama sees parties battling to change the future of the nation, whatever it takes.

From fist fights in the parliamentary bars to dying MPs being carried through the lobby to the Commons to register their crucial votes, the stakes get ever higher as the government teeters on the brink of falling apart.

Described by The Independent as “dazzlingly intelligent, scrupulously well researched and funny”, the production comes our way after storming reviews and sell-out runs at the National Theatre and in the West End. Tickets are £19-£39, and if you want a ringside seat for the action, you can book on-stage tickets and take your own seat in the House of Commons for a unique, close-up perspective on proceedings.