A Piece of Time: Moving Pendulums & Synchronizing Metronomes

piece of time

Head to the Junction this March to catch a spell-binding performance which defies traditional definition

On 15 and 16 March at the Junction, Dutch performance maker Nick Steur will be forging an unforgettable experience. He will also be building a vast steel pyramid with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A Piece of Time: Moving Pendulums & Synchronizing Metronomes makes use of 32 metronomes and the audience themselves in order to produce what is both a unique performance and a theatrical installation. It’s been nominated for the Bank BNG New Theatre Makers’ Prize 2015, and will be taking place this month as part of Cambridge Science Festival. The idea behind the show is to create a collective experience that captures the movement of time and our own connection to it. Produced by Nick Steur, the Dutch SoAP Foundation and Richard Jordan Productions, credit for the show’s technical concept and design goes to Nick Steur with Marq Claessens, and it is performed by Nick himself. Nick visited Cambridge once before in 2013 with his award-winning show FREEZE! as part of monomania Festival, and this production promises to be as profound and spectacular as his last, taking audience members into a poetic, visual and mystical world dictated by the laws of physics.

The performance takes place at 7.30pm on 15 March and at 5pm and 8.30pm on 16 March. Tickets are £15, with £10 concessions available.