Along Your Street

Spring Green Cambridge, Rosemary Trestini

A celebration of all things Cambridge comes to Byard Art

From the city’s famous buildings to its intriguing idiosyncrasies, the latest art to be inspired by Cambridge has just gone on display at Byard Art.

Cambridge has been an inspiration for artists for centuries and the King’s Parade gallery showcases the latest works created by artists in a wide range of media, from oil on canvas to altered book, in Along Your Street, until 1 July.

Tree of Discovery, Maureen Mace

The innovative approaches and highly individual responses are anything but clichéd, with surprising interpretations of streets by Andy Dakin, witty oil paintings featuring the character Garfield, by Chris Williamson, and new artist Betty Pepper creates magical worlds from recycled books as well as fabrics and found objects.

Maureen Mace creates detailed works with historical references, while Italian artist Rosemary Trestini has been drawn to the city to capture famous buildings in different seasons, plus its proximity to the sense of isolation and natural beauty in the Fens.

Elsewhere among the 20 artists at the exhibition, Annabel Mednick’s expressive paintings feature strong light and shadow depicting everyday life.

Living on the Edge XXII, Written in the Stars, Betty Pepper

Books, Annabel Mednick