Art of Float

New local art galleries aren’t something we get to write about very much, so it’s a pleasure to introduce Art of Float, a brand-new opening on Hawthorne Way in Chesterton.

It’s a unique proposition. At the back of the building, you'll find state-of-the-art flotation pods in which you can enjoy a dreamy relaxation experience, whilst at the front, you’re treated to a light, spacious gallery, housing an ever-changing line-up of artists’ work.

It might seem like a slightly unusual combination, but the owners view it as an extension of the experience they’re offering clients: after all, it’s much nicer to be able to emerge from your flotation treatment and sit and chill out, enjoying some beautiful art, rather than be thrust straight back into normal life. 

“We’ve got such a beautiful space, with this big, very light room,” explains Jamie, one of the owners. “And we were inspired by that and wanted to use that. Plus we knew a gallery space would be right for our demographic. We think our clients will appreciate both sides of the business: sensory stimulation at the front and sensory deprivation at the back!”

They launched the art side of things with Outer Limits, a group exhibition by local artists including Loukas Morley, Mineheart, Vincenzo Sgaramella and Suzie Olczak, and looking forwards they have plans to showcase everything from film to photography to furniture and even contemporary dance. 

There will be a new exhibition each month, kicking off with an evening party (on the first Thursday of the month) featuring street food, booze from local drinks shop Thirsty and DJs. Next up is a solo exhibition from visual artist James Norton, which launches on 6 October. 

If something really takes your fancy, you can purchase the art on show, as well as most of the other stuff in Art of Float, including the furniture, books and yes, even a flotation tank if the mood takes you...